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Let the organic world that surrounds you, inspire you. It holds much wisdom.


 The Eco Vision. Create an environmentally sustainable salon kind to the mind, the body & the planet.

The Eco Values. TRANSPARENCY- to clients & team members. We will share all we know & will not hide what we use & what it contains. COMMITMENT- To the Eco Hair business & to our Vision. Contribute to the image & reputation of Eco by maintaining professionalism at all times, by marketing the Eco image & brand to clients, suppliers & the community whenever possible. EDUCATION- I consistently learn, grow & master so that I can help my fellow teammembers & help clients also to learn, grow & master.  Remain abreast of trends & developments in the business of hair. Maintain knowledge of all products in the salon.  I learn from my mistakes. SERVICE- Care, pay attention, focus, be nice, listen, make eye contact & be interested in the client. Demonstrate courtesy to clients, suppliers, teammembers & members of the community. TEAMWORK- Support individual strengths while working as a group. Collaborate effectively with team members.  PASSION-.Have fun, smile, laugh & love what you do!! Use your heart & mind to get the best results. ACCOUNTABILITY- Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our clients & team members.

 Eco Hair and Body. Cotton Tree, Queensland, Australia